Thursday, April 5, 2012

life as a parent...

some things i said to my kids today:

"don't sit on your brother!"

"get off the table"

"don't hit mommy"

"don't hit your brother"

"no hitting!!!"

"quiet time means stop talking, buddy"

"mommy said 'shush' ok?"

"seriously?? seriously!!" 
(getting peed on...)

and repeat...

Things my 3 year old said to me:

"don't say 'no' mommy"

"it was an accident, mommy" 
(peed his pants)

"I hurt him"
(pushed his brother)

"i don't wanna time-out"

"i got you mommy" 
(peeing on me... somebody teach this kid to aim down for pete sakes!)

thank goodness our new batch of wine is finished and is currently chilling in the refrigerator! 

i'm so done with today!   :)

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