Wednesday, January 30, 2013

the little things i love

i love when i catch leo playing by himself and telling stories with his toys..
i love how wyatt will walk around with one hand in his pocket while he follows his big brother...

i love that leo is scared of the dark and needs a flashlight to fall asleep... i know this might not be something i should love, but it's so sweet to check on him after he's fallen asleep and turn the light off...

i love his little fears too... i love that he's so innocent that he's only scared of birds flying around in his dark room... or how he needs the closet door shut because there might be monsters..

i love how wyatt talks right now. it's all half words and it takes a moment to understand what he's talking about...  atah = water;  nack = snack; ano= piano; i you = i love you
i also love that he's SO close to full sentences too... he recently said "leo bumped me".. 

i love when we have snuggle parties at 6am.... no one gets any sleep, but the kids are so excited to be in our bed that they just so sweetly lay there... usually poking my nose or eyes or playing with my hair..

i love that they want my attention all.... the.... time.... though i sometimes (ok a lot of times) get frustrated, i secretly love that they are mine and i am theirs.

i love checking on wyatt before i go to bed and seeing him on his tummy, arm wrapped around his stuffie, Pablo, and bum way up in the air. 

i love the loud moments... and i especially love the quiet moments. 

i love those sweet smiles and little boy hugs.

life moves so fast and there are so many times i have to kick myself to hold onto those moments. it's easy to get wrapped up in everything else and forget what matters most. i'm taking the time today to listen and play and love.. 

Tuesday, January 29, 2013


i was all set to do a new tutorial for a handbag.

took pictures of the process and everything...

and then when i finished, i hated it. 

I made the bag too big and chose the wrong outer fabric. or maybe it wasn't too big, just the fabric didn't work? anyways... i'm just so disappointed!

we do have another project in the works for our house though. we are converting our back door storage closet into a pantry! too bad i don't have a "before" picture... but we'll take lots of "in progress" and "after" pictures :) we've even added a light and an electrical outlet. can't wait to have a functional space!