Thursday, March 22, 2012

embrace the camera!

I decided to try doing an "embrace the camera" finally! i got the idea from this awesome mommy blog that i follow. 

it's such a great idea because i am ALWAYS the one behind the camera and almost am never IN the shots... i was looking in all my photos in the last few months, and there is not one good picture of me - 
i'm more in the background if at all! 
so here's me and my boys. it has been SUCH amazing weather in winnipeg lately which pretty much never happens this time of year. i am still resisting to put away my kids snowpants and winter things because i know once i do, the weather will go back to "normal"... but we totally have been taking advantage of being outside! on the day i took this picture, i was out with the boys and the wagon going for a nice walk. 
i am loving loving loving that wyatt is big enough to go for real walks now. he even wants to pull the wagon! plus, leo is actually listening more lately (maybe coming out of the terrible 3's?) and walks are enjoyable again and i don't have to resort to stuffing them both into strollers... i can't wait for summer!!!

i heart this picture of me and my boys.... 
everyone is smiling and even though wyatt isn't looking, it's so typical of him - 
always checking out what big brother is doing! he adores him so much!

and some more cute photos of our walk:

 Leo is a little big for the tricycle, but his bike had flat tires :(

did i mention already that leo is still in the "cheese face" phase of smiling for the camera?? 
it's so hard to get him to smile nice for the camera... 
it's almost always "cheese face"... 

 wyatt had SO much fun walking down our street - 
he was so proud of himself and he giggled whenever his feet slipped on the gravel on the road :)


  1. So cute! Love that monster walk. Terrible 3's... something to look forward to I guess.

  2. ugg yes... i thought the terrible 2's were bad, but the 3's are worse.. they understand why you say "no" but choose to do it anyways... where as the 2's they don't know why yet... lol.

    thanks for the comment!