Thursday, April 19, 2012

attack of the cold monster..

For this week's embrace the camera, i wanted to show what life was like for us this last week...
 the whole taylor family got the worst cold... 
uggg... it totally derailed us. 

it's bad enough when the kids are sick, but when you have it too, you just can't deal with the crying and night waking... all you want to do it nap all day and of course that's when the kids aren't napping well or not napping at the same time!

we're finally getting over it slowly, but here are a few shots of us this last week:

 if mommy lays on the ground, the kids are happy and content to lay on me or play quietly... 
good for some mini-naps when everyone is wiped out!
but if i want to lay on the couch, there is much crying and whining haha.

 leo had to come check out how nice this was too..

see??? playing so nicely... all i have to do is be uncomfortable on the floor of course  :)

wyatt was so cuddly... while it was sweet and everything, we could never put him down

even leo got cuddly - and that almost never happens

 this reminds me of when wyatt was just so tiny and he used to sleep in our arms all the time
i miss those days - but this was a nice reminder of how good life is now that the boys are getting older too
and of how much sleep we really do get on a regular basis... 
this week of sick kids really reminded me that i need to practice more patience
and go to sleep early more often...

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  1. Boo Hiss to sick boys, but yay for cuddling. I hope everyone is on the mend.