Sunday, February 5, 2012


We took our boys sledding for the first time yesterday. Well I'm pretty sure it was Wyatt's first time... I can't remember if Leo has gone before... (is that bad I have such a terrible memory? I feel like from the moment I first got pregnant with Leo, I have had constant "Pregnancy or Mommy brain"! If I don't write things down, it's in one ear and out the other.) But it's the first time we have it documented with pictures, so I'm sure it was a first for our family.

Winter in Winnipeg is usually pretty darn cold. Especially jan/feb. This year has been so warm, I feel bad that we haven't done more with the kids outside.. It's just such a hassle to get them all bundled up and out the door just to spend less than an hour (sometimes 20 minutes) outside. But the car told us it was 0 degrees. 0 degrees in feb?? crazy. So we decided to head out. My awesome sis-in-law Ruby made the kids these toques that go all the way over your head and cover head and neck and leave the face exposed. I'm sure there is a name for them, but have no idea what it is :)

We were on our 3rd run down the hill when it happened... I was at the bottom of the hill with Wyatt after our sled run and Leo was coming down all by himself for the first time... He did fantastic and loved the ride by himself...

 He's just getting up and starting to walk back up the hill with his sled when Colin shouts "watch out!!" I look up and see a girl on a sled coming right for us. I don't even have time to think or move, so I just take one step out of the way with Wyatt and of course Leo doesn't know what to do either... (oh and I'm about a 5 steps away from him, so it was too far for me to grab him.. ) She hits him head on and takes him out. He lands on his right cheek, face in the snow screaming. Poor guy. If I didn't have Wyatt with me, I might have dove at him, but what's a mommy to do when holding a toddler in one arm??

The girl says she's so sorry and I say "it's ok"... what else can I say?? where the heck are her parents and why didn't they say to her to wait until we've moved out of the way??? Seriously! He's ok though, just completely traumatized.

We moved to a quieter spot where I went down again with Wyatt.. (Leo has absolutely no interest) and then Colin goes with Wyatt. Colin's feet were dragging in the snow ahead of the toboggan and as he went down, Wyatt was sprayed in the face with powder... Needless to say Wyatt was a little upset and both our kids are done with our little adventure...

So I thought this would be a bad memory for both kids, but we decided to take a walk around the park and try one last time. Leo actually said yes to a couple more runs (but only with mommy) and hurray! Leo isn't scared of tobogganing anymore!  Hopefully our next trip out isn't as exciting :P

Here are a few pics of our adventure.

Daddy and Leo

 Mommy and Wyatt

 On our walk - Leo didn't even want to ride in the sled... too scared...

After tobogganing snack and hot chocolate 

 The pending bruise... 

Did I mention my baby is 13 months old now?? amazing!


  1. Lovely Idea, I have often thought of doing this, but again, time, and what would I write and would anyone really read it. Poor Leo, that's one heck of a mark, but good thing he's ok. the dilemma of scolding other ppl children. I would have thought the same thing.. where are your parents!!! Kepp writing, I love blog reading!

  2. cute pictures (except for the bruise, poor leo!)
    your blog header looks great, too!