Thursday, February 2, 2012

new blogger alert!!

So I've decided to join the wonderful world of blogging... not sure how good of a blogger I'll be.... but I guess we'll find out! I've never had a real blog before, so if you have any tips or advice on set up or design or whatever, please send me a note.. like how the heck do you make those pretty banners that go across the top of a blog?

So anyway, I guess I can introduce myself. I am pretty sure most people who would read this would be family and friends, but hey, let's just pretend. I'm not even sure how much I would even want to disclose or even how free I want to be in a blog... It's funny because I feel totally comfortable writing this and sending it off into space and having random people read it.. but then when it might be someone I know, I don't know, I feel shy?

So I'm Sheilla. I'm a married 20-something mama to 2 beautiful boys. We've been married for just over 5 years and I have loved every moment of our lives together. I am currently back to work part time after spending a fantastic year at home after the birth of my second baby and am really liking the new schedule. I am home most of the week with my boys and still get a chance to get out of the house a few days a week to socialize with adults and accomplish something other than dinner or dishes or laundry...

I got a sewing machine for Christmas in 2010 and only just started using it a couple of months before Christmas of 2011! haha. So lately I've really been into crafting and making things for me and my kids. I am loving it! My only problem is having the time to do it. Since I'm so new at it all, it takes me forever to choose a fabric and forever to find just the right tutorial to do... but once I've committed to something, I work hard to finish the task. So I've made a few really nice things :) I look forward to getting better at it (and sewing a straighter line!).

So here are a few pics of me and my fam. thanks for reading.

 Colin and I

My boys - Leo (3) and Wyatt (1)

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