Wednesday, February 8, 2012

New clutch!

So I've been on Pinterest for quite a while now and keep on pinning all these fabulous sewing projects and haven't really made too many things yet.
 I've also been to fabricland recently while there was a sale, and bought some new fabrics, so I'm set for a little while now... or so my dear husband likes to think... 

I decided I wanted a new wallet/clutch. It seems like whenever I am out with the kids, I never take along a purse but just shove my overstuffed wallet into the diaper bag and away we go. So I wanted something where I could throw a few key items in and go. So here's my new clutch! 

Check out the link to make it here.

I think it turned out pretty cute. It has a divider in the middle and 2 credit card slots. Perfect to throw in the diaper bag with just enough stuff for the day or whatever!
I think my camera really doesn't pick up how cute it really is... seriously, I love it. Also, my favorite color is green, so it's a win win :)
This tutorial uses zipper end tabs to make it turn out more squarish. 
I had my doubts that my sewing skill could do this, but it actually worked out perfectly. I love that it doesn't have this pinched, unfinished look of my previous changepurse I made (which I don't even want to show on here... it's just not that great at all... I sewed a little crooked too... 
when will I ever sew a straight line???? 
Also, did I mention that it took me FOREVER to pick out fabric for this? 
and in the end I used mostly fabric I already had on hand because I didn't think what I picked worked well enough?? I NEED to learn to make decisions more quickly!)

My next project is a bigger one. I plan on recovering our Ikea Poang chair. (using this tutorial - if you have another tutorial or advice, I'd love to have it!!)
Right now it's white.... and with kids and over time that white has turned yellowish in spots.. 
So I bought some fabric (at buy 1 get 2 free) for only $14 and I'm hoping it will look awesome. 
It's my first project where people people will notice if I do a bad job. 
Plus I'm not a fantastic sewer yet. I can't think ahead and see if what I'm doing will turn out properly yet... or if adding a zipper or velcro will work in a certain spot. 
trial and error is my plan. 
Not a bad thing since I only spent $14!! 


  1. your clutch looks amazing! i love the fabrics together, it turned out really well! that tutorial is a really great one, easy to follow even though the finished product looks really difficult :)
    ooh, a poang recover project, i can't wait to hear/see how it turns out, maybe i'll have to do mine, too!

  2. thanks katie! i used a twill type fabric for the outside... I also bought a nice brown fabric too i was thinking of making into a purse... I think I saw a super cute tutorial on "How about orange" I want to try. It took me seriously half a week to decide what fabric to use... and like 2 hours at the fabric store.. haha.
    and for the poang chair... I'm really nervous to get started.... but i'll blog about it for sure no matter what :)