Friday, August 16, 2013

the zoo!

my brother Wes has been in town and we have all been having a great time with him! here are a few pics of our zoo day today! we took our lovely neighbors and their sweet dayhome (nanny?) with us. such a great time!

 Leo was hatched... this was his egg shell... 

 fun with the girls

 me and the boys

 my favorite part of the day was the butterfly garden. it was sooo beautiful!!

 leo found a caterpillar and loved holding him...
i was so worried there would be squishing going on, but the kids were so gentle..

 Wyatt decided to try a lick of ice cream for the first time in who knows how long! i was so shocked!! after one lick he was hooked and helped me eat my cup of ice cream :)

it was so good that leo closed his eyes every time he licked... too funny :)

One other thing has been happening in our house while Uncle Wes is visiting is we have been putting him and his carpentry skills to work!
I wanted to reno our back door area... we had these narrow shelves back there that we didn't need anymore since we made our new pantry  a while back... so I've been looking at Pinterest lately and starting pinning mudroom ideas for shelving etc. I decided to rip out those unfunctional shelves and got Wes to make me a bench with show storage, some shelves etc. I am SOOOO excited! We still have a lot of work ahead of us yet... the install is almost done, but we still need to caulk and paint and add the coat hooks etc... 

Here's a sneak peak!


  1. The zoo looked like fun! I love that mud room. We are thinking of doing one too - love what you guys have done. That storage all around looks great!

    1. Thanks Michelle. We are so thrilled to have it for this fall and winter! Just needs some paint and baskets etc!

  2. Hi, I found your blog post from last year about your DIY headboard out of an old door. I love how yours turned out and I am wanting to do the same. Could you please tell me how tall and wide is the door and how tall is the finished height of your headboard? Was it for a queen sized bed? I would be very grateful for your measurements!
    Montana, USA

    1. It really depends on the old door you can find! I love the panels in my door so I couldn't have changed the size too much anyways without cutting part of one off. The only thing I shortened was original bottom of the door to match the top distance (as there was about a visible solid few inches difference between the panel on the bottom and the bottom of the door). I also measured my bed and made it fit as close to the edge of my queen bed as possible. Other than that, you measure how tall your bed goes and make your "legs" for the headboard to sit where you want.