Tuesday, April 16, 2013


i didn't know if i should post or not about this... privacy and safety are important to me... but i thought it should be said that we are adjusting to some changes right now in our family life. 

life for the next little while will be stressful and busy for our family. not to worry, there is nothing wrong, nothing at all... but we are adjusting to a change that will affect us for a little while. 

needless to say there isn't much time for any extras... i am itching to sew something or even have the energy to want to sew something... or even just have the energy to do everything! 

thankfully this change isn't permanent... just for a little while. and then who knows? life might throw another curveball and things are changing again... i guess nothing is ever really normal.... but i can't wait to return to my little piece of it. 

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