Saturday, November 10, 2012

when i try to craft with the kids

so i'm on pinterest... and i pin lots of fun ideas and crafts to do with the kids...

well wouldn't you know, i found this fun craft the other day and i decided to make it with the kids.
i have so many good intentions... get the kids to help, have fun and make fun memories with my kids... but does it ever turn out that way?

halfway through i am frustrated and annoyed and there is flour everywhere...
my kids aren't listening and it's all going downhill...
did i mention there was flour everywhere?
i turn around to grab a cloth to start cleaning up and wyatt (sitting on the table COVERED in flour) has just put his hand in the bag of flour on the table and i'm sure there are pieces of dough in there somewhere..
they are both trying to "help" me roll out the dough and screaming at each other because they want to be the one to help mommy do it... and then when we make the little disc to make handprints in, they are both trying to grab and poke it on the cookie sheets...

dont even ask why i didn't take a picture... i was not even in a place to laugh at the situation just yet... let alone document the disaster...

at least i try i guess... my kids will probably have fond memories of this and how cool mom was to let them sit on the table and make a mess with flour and dough..

so now, day is done and the stupid dough handprints are cooling on the counter.
i am exhausted and it's 9pm on saturday night... i've had one glass of wine and already i'm ready for bed.


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