Friday, September 7, 2012

friday funny

just today i read a blog post about organizing kids lunches... great ideas there... i am going to work on actually making lunches the night before for the family (we have to send lunches with the kids to daycare and of course me and colin need one too)... we are terrible at this plan... always forget the night before and i have to get colin to do it while i get ready for work (no way i have time in the morning to do it! he can even watch tv while he eats breakfast... i sometimes get him to make MY breakfast so i can actually EAT before work... you'd think i would get up any earlier for this?! of course not..)

anyways, i just loved this little part about bobby pins...

i know exactly where i put my things on the floor.  just like all my bobby pins...i purposefully put them in random places all over the house, so that in case i need one, i have one hiding in that room.  mr. anderson likes to play "let's find all the bobby pins".  i think that's rude. 
look, i'm doing him a favor by not making him get up and get me one later.  i'm always thinking of him.

makes perfect sense right??

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