Thursday, August 30, 2012

summer highlights

summer is almost over. how did that happen? where did time go? 
we vacationed
we relaxed
i canned.... jam, jelly, pickles and beets, oh my!
visited with friends
drank wine
played soccer...

is that all? wow. 

some of my highlights this summer:

 Wyatt swinging on a swing all by himself for the first time...
just because he wanted to be like his bro... seriously... he's 19 months old!

Happy 4th birthday to my firstborn... Love you Leo!
can you believe he's 4 already? I can't...

 Our yard is FENCED IN!!!

 I think it makes our yard look bigger 
and more like our own very private park :)

 we had grandparents visit us!

 we used our new(ish) van for roadtrips!

 just enjoyed the heat and our own backyard!

 Leo wearing sunglasses on our road trip during a lightning storm 
in the middle of the night
"too sunny, mommy"

 we visited my dad!

went for walks
love wy's creepy eyes here haha

 visits with lots of family this summer

fun at the beach with oodles of family... 

 Leo loving the boatrides!

and watching my super sensitive and tentative boy 
ride the kids "Ski trainer" was AMAZING

Not looking forward to summer ending, but it was such good fun that i wouldn't have traded a minute. wishing for more time next year to do more, visit more...  but i am also looking forward to fall and slowing down and enjoying winter with my boys too. 

how was your summer?

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