Thursday, June 21, 2012


We are still working on potty training my almost 4 year old - there has been lots of success with him, but he still refuses to do it himself... someone has to be there the whole time and help him. i think he likes controlling the situation/us this way..  currently:
    • we have nixed the pull ups at nighttime though... a few accidents but nothing consistent so that's good. 
    • Leo hates the smell of his urine... he gags almost every time he goes potty... maybe that's why he's taking SO LONG TO POTTYTRAIN!!
    • i think this kid is giving me grey hair with all the stress and frustration!
Do any of you ever read the blog ?? It is hilarious. seriously. and probably the reason why i find it so funny is because it usually reminds me of my kids.. or something i figure my kids would totally do one day. kids say the funniest things and they are really, just so smart. 

So i was reading this particular post the other day on that blog - - and it TOTALLY reminds me of Leo. 

know how i said above that i think leo likes to control situations or us? that post is exactly what i think Leo is thinking in his head when potty training! He LIKES it when we are involved in pottytraining. it makes the whole thing more fun for him somehow... even when i get mad when he has an accident (on purpose)...

so anyways, check it out... i have lots of good laughs with that blog.

so one final piece of advice i keep having to give to myself... right now i've got this horrible cold... and of course i blame it on my kids... but really it's my own fault.

so my advice is this.... when your kids are sick, do not give said kids any kisses or let them give you kisses! apparently i have a hard time remembering this and have since gotten sick every. single. time. they are sick. i never learn...

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